Meditation Cushion Set- Saffron

Meditation Cushion Set: MCS014

The Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set includes one Zafu (Round cushion) with your choice of Buckwheat Hull or Kapok fill and one Zabuton (Rectangular mat) filled with cotton batting. Each cushion is available in a Deluxe version where the fill is enclosed in a cotton duck casing and the outer cover in your choice of color is removable and washable.

ZAFU: (Specification)

  • Size: 36x15 cm
  • Weight:  2.80 kg (buckwheat) / 1.50 kg (cotton)
  • Outer Cover:  Dyed/printed Cotton Twill
  • Inner Cover:   Zippered Cotton Duck Canvas
  • Filling:    Kapok/cotton batting/Buckwheat

ZABUTON: (Specification)

  • Size: 80x70x7 cm
  • Weight:  3.0 kg (Cotton)
  • Outer Cover:  Dyed/printed Cotton Twill
  • Inner Cover:  Zippered Cotton Duck Canvas/ sheeting
  • Filling:   Kapok/cotton batting
Minimum Order Quantity :- 50
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