Our Products

Spike Neck Pillow
Product Code :- ANPRD

Product Code :- C/T001

Tingsha/ Cymbals
Product Code :- C/T002

Tingsha/ Cymbals
Product Code :- C/T003

Cylindrical Bolster
Product Code :- CB001

Crescent Cushion
Product Code :- CC008

Crescent Cushion
Product Code :- CC010

Crescent Cushion
Product Code :- CC011

Crescent Cushion
Product Code :- CC012

Half Moon Cushion
Product Code :- CC013

Traval moon cushion
Product Code :- CC021

Eye Pillow
Product Code :- EP001

Eye Pillow
Product Code :- EP002

Eye Pillow
Product Code :- EP003

The Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set includes one Zafu (Round cushion) with your choice of Buckwheat Hull or Kapok fill and one Zabuton (Rectangular mat) filled with cotton batting. Each cushion is available a Deluxe version where the fill is enclosed in a cotton duck fabric and the outer cover in your choice of color is removable and washable.

Cushion Family Set
Product Code :- MPF009

Cotton Blanket
Product Code :- N/A

Alternative health practitioners throughout the world recommend the regular practice of nasal cleansing using a saline solution as part of a regular regimen of health and wellness. Yoga neti pot is a gentle, safe, efficient way to deliver a good cleansing dose of saline to the nose. The practice of nasal cleansing - known as Neti - has been used by practitioners of Ayurveda and Yoga in India for thousands of years. Neti is one of the 6 purification techniques performed prior to practicing yoga as a way of preparing the body for the yoga practice. The Neti pot is the only real tool to practice Neti (Jalaneti).

Neti Pot
Product Code :- NP003

Neti Pot
Product Code :- NP004

Neti Pot
Product Code :- NP005

Neti Pot
Product Code :- NP006

Neti Pot
Product Code :- NP007

Grey Color Bolster Cushion
Product Code :- OB001 (Grey)

Navy Blue Color Bolster Cushion
Product Code :- OB001 (Navy Blue)

Purple Color Bolster Cushion
Product Code :- OB001 (Purple)

Oval Shape Bolster
Product Code :- OB002 (Pink)

Printed Oval Bolster
Product Code :- OB003

The power mat (also called pyramid mat) is a plastic moulded mat with small pyramid-shaped bumps that you walk on. The pyramid mat is a holistic healer that focuses on the ‘reflex points’ on the soles of your feet, and induces pressure that massages your foot. With acupressure reflexology, you are freed of all types of health problems, just by walking!  Walking on your heels cures Sciatica, leg pain, cramps, heel& knee pain as well as piles. Walking on your toes cures headache, migraine, sinus, asthma, tonsils & insomnia. Our Power Mats are fitted with strong magnets, which help in improving blood circulation. We offer power mats in a variety of attractive colors, designs, and sizes. Like all our products, these mats are long-lasting, non-toxic, extra thick, and firm to provide ample comfort to our customers. There are 64 acupressure points below your feet which corresponds to each and every organ in your body. That means walking over the power mat  gives massage and activation to all the organs in your body!

Power Mats
Product Code :- PM001

Power Mats
Product Code :- PM002

Power Mats
Product Code :- PM003

Power Mats
Product Code :- PM004

Rectangular Bolster
Product Code :- RB001

Rectangular Bolster
Product Code :- RB002

Rectangular Bolsters
Product Code :- RB003

Rectangular Bolsters
Product Code :- RB004

Rectangular Bolster
Product Code :- RB005

Brass Singing Bowls
Product Code :- SB001

Sand bags are used to deepen asana and to assist in stretching. Our 5kg sand bags are filled with fine sand for even weight distribution. The outer cover is made of cotton twill, offering good grip on the skin and the inner nylon cover which is durable and leak free. Embroidery as per customer choice.

Yoga Sand Bag
Product Code :- SB001

Yoga Sand Bag
Product Code :- SB002

Singing Bowl Cushion
Product Code :- SBC007

Acupressure technology aimed at providing healing benefits had been widely prevalent in India thousands of years ago. The mystical bed of nails was known to the ancient Yogis and Gurus who practiced meditation and healing and there is vivid narration of The Bed of Nails in the epic “Mahabharata”. As per the epic, at the end of the grueling war waged on the day time, the tired warriors would rest on the bed of nails at the sunset to rejuvenate. We have borrowed the concept from the ancient Yogis to develop these modern nail mats that offer profound life changing experience to induce deep relaxation, stimulate energy, relieve pain and heighten happiness. The range of acupressure products includes spike mats, power mats, and Sujok Rings. These products are available in a variety of models, designs, and sizes.

Acupressure Mats
Product Code :- SM-006

Sujok Ring
Product Code :- SR002

Singing Bowl Striker
Product Code :- STRA002

Large Yoga Kit Bag
Product Code :- TYMB111

Yoga Teachers Kit Bag
Product Code :- TYMB113

Best Yoga Kit Bag
Product Code :- TYMB130

Yoga Indian Kit Bag
Product Code :- TYMB131

Kit Bag-Small
Product Code :- TYMB132

Best Indian yoga Bag
Product Code :- TYMB135

Jacquard Mat Bags
Product Code :- YMB051

Jacquard Mat Bags
Product Code :- YMB053

Solid Mat Bag
Product Code :- YMB084

Solid Yoga Mat Bag
Product Code :- YMB085

Velvet Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga Rug/Mat
Product Code :- YR002

Yoga Rug
Product Code :- YR003

Yoga Rug/Mat
Product Code :- YR004

Yoga Rug
Product Code :- YR005

Yoga Rug
Product Code :- YR006

Yoga Rug
Product Code :- YR007

Yoga Rug
Product Code :- YR008

Yoga Rug
Product Code :- YR009

Yoga Strap
Product Code :- YS001

Yoga Strap Belt
Product Code :- YS003

Yoga Strap Belt
Product Code :- YS004

Zabuton Mat- ZA006
Product Code :- ZA006

Zabuton Mat- ZA013
Product Code :- ZA013

New Zabuton cushion
Product Code :- ZA014

Zabuton Mat- ZA017
Product Code :- ZA017

Zabuton Mat- ZA023
Product Code :- ZA023

Zabuton Mat- ZA024
Product Code :- ZA024

Zabuton Mat- ZA025
Product Code :- ZA025

Zabuton Mat- ZA026
Product Code :- ZA026

Top embroidery Zafu
Product Code :- ZNP019

Washable Zafu Cushion
Product Code :- ZNP028

Pleated Zafu cushion
Product Code :- ZP009

Pleated Zafu Cushion
Product Code :- ZP016