Acupressure Aids

Acupressure technology aimed at providing healing benefits had been widely prevalent in India thousands of years ago. The mystical bed of nails was known to the ancient Yogis and Gurus who practiced meditation and healing and there is vivid narration of The Bed of Nails in the epic “Mahabharata”. As per the epic, at the end of the grueling war waged on the day time, the tired warriors would rest on the bed of nails at the sunset to rejuvenate. We have borrowed the concept from the ancient Yogis to develop these modern nail mats that offer profound life changing experience to induce deep relaxation, stimulate energy, relieve pain and heighten happiness. The range of acupressure products includes spike mats, power mats, and Sujok Rings. These products are available in a variety of models, designs, and sizes.

Acupressure Mats
Product Code :- SM-006